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About Amy

Amy grew up as a wheat-farming kid. She learned early that hard work wasn’t enough - how weather, international grain markets, transportation systems and government decisions impacted our real life. When she graduated from high school with her son in her arms, some said she'd ruined her life. After struggling to make ends meet with low wage jobs like factory work, meat packing, and sales, Amy looked beyond all that and saw possibilities. She worked her way through college to earn a degree in economics and jumped on the corporate fast track, pushing past obstacles.​


She has worked professionally in many diverse settings from consulting for small local businesses to big companies like Nike and Intel, to​ combatting climate change at the National Renewable Energy Lab.

Amy sees the potential in our area's culture and welcoming community. She founded Grandmothers' Roundtable Community Conversations, where she and her fellow grandmothers agree to disagree, agreeably. She has also led an award-winning Neighborhood Walk Campaign that brought together hundreds of people in Walla Walla to reimagine our future together.​

Amy currently serves on the City of Walla Walla Planning Commission and the Walla Walla Air Travel Coalition. She has served on the Washington Economic Development Finance Authority Board and led the Steering Committee for the 2008 City of Walla Walla Comprehensive Plan.

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